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. >> white house officials say that president obama has not decided how to respond, onlt that the president has decided the u.s. will respond. and according to pentagon officials that reaction could come within days. we begin in damascus. we're joined by a freelance reporter via telephone. we are not identifying her for her safety. >> reporter: it's a very mixed reaction, some people are angry at the syrian government for letting things come to this. one woman was saying why can't assad just step down already. it's clear he has become an excuse for the west to attack us. a lot of whether they are pro or anti-syrian government, they are very worried. i hear a lot of people referencing iraq. one man who supports the strike was saying that if they hit civilian targets like in iraq or against libya, then thousands of syrians could be at risk. you know, that's not something they want to deal with in addition to what they have already dealt with for two and a half years. and then there are those that say let's say we have the strike then what? >> what has the discussion been like in damascus betw
.com. that is and leading the web page you can see reporting on obama's speech today, marking the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. inside story is next. >>> 50 years after the march on washington there are lingering challenges to the modern social justice movement and a modern debathe as to how to accomplish dr. king's dream. this is inside story. hello everybody i'm david shuster, it was called a march for jobs and freedom. hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors gathered on the national mall and ignited a new conversation about civil rights in america. highlighted by the march and by dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech are still alive today. still ahead, we'll examine inquality and social justice. finally, we'll take you to an organizer who was there. joyce ladner. >> i had a stage pass. no one on that stage had ever seen that many people before. that's the major one memory. i have a lot of others as well. >> was it an energetic crowd? was it a me mesmerized crowd? >> it was a very friendly crowd. it was almost like meeting new friends. it was easy goi
to the laws and what is the best way forward. jo welcome back to inside story. president obama vowed his administration would do everything in its power to have fair voting laws. in a debate that can be deputy is well under way. i want to give you a chance to jump in here. how will you measure success? >> i agree with president obama we need to have fair and free elections. the justice department and lawyers freed should know fanning out across the country to incidences and filing lawsuits. each state has to figure out how they want to conduct their voting. new york does not allow any same day rentalistration and absentee ballots should be tightened. >> for me success the invitation the supreme court gave to congress to update so areas with recent voting violations are precluded. so it's more effective, efficient and less costly. we need some kind of tranc transparancy. it deters a lot of bad activity. >> the supreme court did not strike down section 5. congress can come up with a new formula. success be measured by the expansion of our democracy. the real problem is people don't vote. i
colleges are slipping in the international rankings. on thursday president obama introduced a plan that he says will help make college for affordable. >> i'm proposing major new reforms that will shake up the current system, create better incentives for colleges to do more with less, and deliver better value for students and their families. >> so what would the president's plan mean for american students and their future? we put that question to a recent graduate. fiona who lives in washington, d.c. told us her story. >> i am 29 years old. i have an undergraduate degree in ecology, which is just a branch of biology and then a masters in environmental science and management, and between those two i have a total of $85,000 in student loan debt. >> what does that mean for monthly payments. >> monthly payment versus varied depending on how much i knew about the payment plans available to me, how much money i was making, but at this point in my life, which is the lowest monthly payments i've ever had, it's $370 a month. >> how painful is that or how easy is that to pay with your current income
the remarks of president obama, there should be accountable for those that used the most heinous weapons against the most vulnerable. we are expecting secretary kerry to build on those remarks. continue to try to build a case for action against syria, and this is in the context we hear in washington of a lot of skepticism from capitol hill, a little bit of push back. there was a big conference call last night, 90 minutes between leaders and the administration, touching on all kinds of points intelligence, exit central joy, end game, as well as financial questions ant how any action against syria would be financed. so all political questions coming into play here. i think you hit on one. how much this would cost. so at this point, it is a matter of waiting to hear from secretary of state, in just a moment, and perhaps we will finally hear some of the evidence that the white house says that they have. that has been classified. they said they will unclassify some of that so we can know what the evidence that the u.s. has. the u. n. inspectors have not quite finished their jobs. so there's a
to die, so be it. >> welcome back. you're watching inside story. president obama condemned the egyptian military's crackdown on protesters, but he stopped short of suspending aid. the u.s. has given military ai d to egypt since 1979 as part of the egyptian-israeli peace deal. the egyptians use that money in one of three ways. first of all buying weapons, tanks, helicopters anti-air missiles purchased from u.s. companies. then there are equipment upgrades, and to keep the equipment in working order also through a network of american and egyptian companies. we have associate professor of the texas a&m school of law, and in atlanta lawrence, fellow of american progress lawrence, what is the u.sdoes the u.s. need fr? >> they would like stability in the region. the military right now is providing stability as they did on under saddat and mubarak. we would like to see people take control of their own destiny. we would like to see people have the economic opportunities they should have, which we were hoping would come under president morsi when you had a democratic president. that didn't happe
spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot >>> welcome back to "inside story." nasa scientists say the destructive power of these fires is here to stay and will likely get worse. earlier i spoke with nasa scientist douglas morton and asked him about how this current season fits in nasa's projections. >> we can go back in time and look at the occurrence of fires in the u.s. or across the world, and it allows an time analysis. we see an increase in the u.s. in total wildfire over the last 30 years. overall we're trending towards more wildfires and more burned area across the u.s. >> what does that mean for firefighting efforts and how to deal with it? >> certainly the earlier start we have seen this year to wildfire fighting in southern california and other parts of the southwest, makes for a mu
was a rollercoaster ride. the bottom of the fifth, they >>> i'm richelle carey. in the next 15 minutes president obama will announce his strategy regarding syria. >> that's right. we're standing by waiting for the president to come out in the rose garden to make remarks about his decision-making process on syria. >> u.n. chemical weapons inspectors brief leaders on their findings in syria just returning from damascus. >>> president obama is about to make a statement from the white e
. >>> sorting out a strategy on syria, president obama gets ready to brief leaders on the chemical attack and how the u.s. should respond. >>> the new york police department has targeted mosques to spy on members. >>> and fast-food workers across the country are picketin
, and here is a look at today's top stories. the obama administration said there were chemical weapons used in the attack in syria. the syrian government denies the accusation. >> we're all hearing the drums of war being beaten around us. if these countries are willing to launch an aggression or military act against syria, i believe the allegations of chem weapons is false, and i dare them to produce any piece much evidence. >> one of the largest wildfires
to you. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? it drives discussion across america. share your story on tv and online. content while setting new standards in journalism. >> a new voice of journalism in the u.s., al jazeera america. america. >> we tell the human store ri from around the block, across the country. >> if joe can't find work, his family will go from living in a hotel to living in their car. >> connected, inspired, bold. this is the 900-page document dry for all five days. ♪ >>> i'm richelle carey. here is the latest from al jazeera. as the white house repeats its stance that there will be no boots on the ground in syria, the un says there is now a million refugee children from syria now. >>> and a wildfire is growing at an alarming rate near yosemite national
>> i'm thomas drayton. here are the stories we're following. president obama announced today that the u.s. should take action against military targets in syria. however he will not do so without authorization from congress. perhaps the week of september 9th. >>> several cargo planes landed at the insurlic air base in turkey today. it's not sure what actions they will play. sanctions against u.n. chemical weapons inspectors in syria could take weeks to process. the analysis is taking place in netherlands. tests will be done to find out if any chemical weapons were used. >>> a shift in winds carried smoke into some areas near yosemite national park. for more news and headlines visit al jazeera sodom. i'm thomas drayton. inside story is coming up next. nothing. here is my question for every member of congress and every member of the global community: what message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to death in plain sight and pay no price? >> the president had seemed to be leaning toward military action for several days. >> that's not a surprise. the question
. >>> president obama met with his national security team to
. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. we call obamacare. it could change costs, coverage, and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts. >> welcome to al jazeera. i'm stephanie si. have reeched a ten deal with one of the women suing him for sexual harassment. at least 17 women have now come forward. details are being kept secret until the city council votes on friday. the u.n. security council held an emergency session on wednesday about an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria. video shows graphic and disturbing images of the aftermath. hundreds of syrian c
. >>> president obama unveiled a new plan to cut the cost of college. he wants to use a rating simple that would judge schools on
on tv and online. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. >> this is just the beginning of something much bigger. >> thank god i didn't have to suffer what he had to go through. >> this sunday, the premiere of "into eternity". >> i am now in this place where you should never come. >> how do you contain 100,000 years of nuclear danger? >> it is an invisible danger. >> al jazeera america presents "into eternity". premieres sunday night 9 eastern. mission. >> there's more to america, more stories, more voices, more points of view. now there's are news channel with more of what americans want to know. >> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." this is "america tonight." sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories. [[v
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)